Abstracts will be accepted online via the website. Abstract summaries sent via e-mail or via mail will NOT be accepted.

All fields required in the Abstract summary form should be filled properly. After submitting your summary, in order to be able to receive the security codes to make changes and corrections to your summary please do enter your e-mail address correctly.

Abstracts submission deadline is November 08, 2017.

Participants whose abstracts are accepted are requested to complete their congress registration until September 22, 2017. Abstracts of Authors who do not complete their registration, will not be included in the Abstract Book.

Should you send more than one abstract summary, please note that all summaries should be submitted via the same account.

Abstract Summary Submission Rules

Abstract submissions can be oral, poster or video. For oral and video presentations limited applications will be selected.

  1. Abstract Summaries must be sent in English.
  2. Word number is limited to 300. 1 chart and 1 picture can be used.
  3. Summaries have to include OBJECTIVE, METHODS, RESULTS, CONCLUSIONS parts.
  4. Heading and summary must not include abbreviations except the very well-known ones.
  5. First letter of all words have to be written with capital letter while the rest with small letters. Name and Surname information should be written visibly, without abbreviations.
  6. Abstracts will be evaluated anonymously, therefore institution information should not be mentioned.
  7. Choose presentation method as one of the below: oral, poster or video. The most suitable heading for your summary can be chosen later.
  8. Video files that will be used for your presentation can be submitted via AbstractAgent.
  9. The video file should not exceed 300mb and must have one of below formats: .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .wmv, .mov, .flv.
  10. The video file name must include the Abstract no. given by AbstractAgent.

Abstract summaries will be evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Committee, acceptance and rejection letters and presentation style (oral/video/poster) will be sent on the 18th of August 2017 the latest to the applicants and simultaneously announced on the congress official website. Abstract Book will be published electronically on the congress website.

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